Bydgoszcz Airport Entrance of Bydgoszcz Airport terminal | © Taktoperz77 / Wikimedia
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Bydgoszcz Airport

With less than 200,000 passengers in 2007, Bydgoszcz Airport is one of the smaller airports in Poland. It is located in Szwederowo, no more than 4km south east of the Bydgoszcz city center. The airport ist named after IgnacyJan Paderewski, pianist, composer and former Prime Minister of Poland.

Destinations from Bydgoszcz Airport

 Country Airport Airline
  Ireland Dublin Ryanair
  United Kingdom Birmingham Ryanair
London-Stansted Ryanair

Getting to and from Bydgoszcz Airport

Getting to Bydgoszcz Aiport by car

The airport of Bydgoszcz is located 4 kilometers south of the city center, along the road towards Inowroclaw. The ride by taxi or car should take you no more than 10 minutes.

Getting to Bydgoszcz Aiport by public transport

Bus number 80 brings you from the airport to the city center and the train station of Bydgoszcz. The travel time is approximately 15 minutes. Busses leave at least two times per hour. For departing times and route details, you can check the timetable of the local bus company here.

Travel times to Bydgoszcz Airport

 City Distance Car Public Transport
  Bydgoszcz 5 km ¼ hrs  ¼ hr
  Torun 50 km ¾ hrs 1 hrs
  Grudziadz 77 km 1¼ hrs 1½ hrs
  Poznan 140 km 2 hrs 1¾ hrs
  Gdansk 180 km 2 hrs 2 hrs
  Koszalin 193 km 3 hrs 4 hrs
  Szczecin 260 km 3½ hrs 4½ hr
  Warsaw 271 km 3½ hrs 3¾ hrs