Gdansk Artus Court with Fountain of Neptune
Gdansk Ulica Dluga
Gdansk Dlugie Pobrzeze
Gdansk Facades at Dlugi Targ
Gdansk Centrum Handlowe Madison | © Artur Andrzej / Wikimedia
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Maritime Museum

Muzeum MorskieIn Poland's Golden Century Gdańsk was the center of the country's seafaring ambitions. Poland's navigation history is displayed in various buildings along the Motława River, all part pf the Polish Maritime Museum (Muzeum Morskie) of Gdansk.
Part of the museum is the SS Soldek, an ocean-going vessel that was built in the 1940s on the shipyards of Gdansk.
Other parts of the museum in Gdansk include The Granaries, The Crane and the Maritime Culture Center.

Ołowianka 9-13 


Opening hours
Tue-Sun from 10:00 till 16:00 hrs. Closed on Mondays.