Szczecin Chrobry Embankment (Waly Chrobrego)
Szczecin Facades at ul. Sienna in the Old Town
Szczecin Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes
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Church of St. Peter and Paul

Church_of_St_Peter_and_PaulThe Church of the Saints Peter and Paul (Kościół św. Piotra i św. Pawła) was built on the place where already in the 12th century a wooden church was erected as part of the Christianization by bishop Otto von Bamberg.
In the period 1425-1440 the wooden church was replaced by a stone gothic contruction, which has been extended in the following centuries. After the church was largely destroyed in the 1677 siege, only one nave was reconstructed.
Especially noteworthy in this small hall church is the richly decorated 17th century wooden ceiling.

Plac Świętych Piotra i Pawła 4