Gdansk Artus Court with Fountain of Neptune
Gdansk Ulica Dluga
Gdansk Dlugie Pobrzeze
Gdansk Facades at Dlugi Targ
Gdansk Centrum Handlowe Madison | © Artur Andrzej / Wikimedia
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Main Town Hall

Town HallTh elegant building of the Main Town Hall (Ratusz Głównego Miasto), which is situated on the corner of Long Street and the Long Market, was built in 1590.

The red-brick Gothic building has a richly decorated interior, most of it dating back to the 17th and 18th century. One of the highlights is the Red Hall on the first floor, which has long served as the Great Council Hall. The many decorative rooms and artifacts show how prosperous the city of Gdansk must have been during its Golden Age.

The 82-meter high tower does not only have a large carillon, but also a nice viewing platform.

The Main Town Hall is part of the Gdansk History Musuem.

ul. Długa 46/47


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